A boy that will, in time, father a legend.
Carmen. 22. College student. Aspiring writer and actress. Hopeless romantic. SHIPPER GALORE. This dork has a timeshare on my heart along with this prince and this adorable idiot.

My perfect man is some form of Misha Collins, Tom Hiddleston, or Matthew Gray Gubler. If found please report to me immediately.

Glee. Supernatural. Sherlock. Teen Wolf. Merlin.

Klaine / Kurtbastian / Destiel / Merthur / Sterek / Kadam / Miarren / Chill / Mishicki

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Misha to my Vicki
Moosey to my Tiger
Arthur to my Merlin
Joey to my Darren

  • Blue: What song do you listen to when you're feeling down?
  • Cup: Do you drink Tea or Coffee?
  • Dopey: Tell us an embarrassing story.
  • English: How many languages can you speak?
  • Fear: Tell us three fears.
  • Game: What was the last board game you played?
  • Harry Potter: What was the last book you read?
  • Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?
  • Jump: Do five jumping jacks/star jump.
  • Kiss: Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
  • Love: Do you believe in marriage?
  • Money: What would you do with 1 million dollars?
  • Naughty: Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of?
  • Oops: What is one thing you'd like to change/fix?
  • Picture: Post a pic of your lovely face.
  • Quality: Name three of your favourite blogs.
  • Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore.
  • Star-sign: When's your birthday?
  • Teacher: What do you aspire to be?
  • Unite: Do you sponsor a cause?
  • Varsity: Do you play/watch sport?
  • Word: Write out your URL in your handwriting
  • Xylophone: Do you play an instrument?
  • Yellow: What's your favourite colour?
  • Zoo: What is your favourite animal?